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The Fitness Nomad Report

“Discover your passions.  Build a better fitness career.  Live your dreams.”

-John Ashworth, The Fitness Nomad & Founder of ExerciseCareers.com and The Fitness Nomad Blog


Careers in fitness and finding your way to your next fitness job can take many paths.  John Ashworth, The Fitness Nomad and Founder of ExerciseCareers.com has experienced many of those fitness career paths over the last 20 years.  He started this fitness job and fitness career site more than 10 years ago because a resource such as this did not exist.  Now, of course, the landscape of the internet has changed drastically, however, John believes that there remains an important mission for fitness professionals.  That mission involved bringing fitness pros together to share, not just jobs, but other resources, tips, strategies, etc that will help all of us find the fitness career path we desire.

John has been a fitness professional for two decades and knows what it takes to advance your fitness career.  This site is an extension of his mission as a fitness pro, and he is doing his best to keep up with it and also to turn it over to the fitness pro community so that we might all build this into the premier bulletin board for fitness pros.

“I hope this site and this resource will help you (if even in some small way) advance your own fitness career so that you can have the career in fitness and find the fitness jobs that you desire most…

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