Team Leaders Wanted - Moms in Motion - Nationwide |

Team Leaders Wanted – Moms in Motion – Nationwide

Moms In Motion, the #1 health & fitness community for moms is looking for fitness experts to lead 8-12 week teams ranging from running, triathlon, cycling, core, hiking, walking and yoga. All teams are led by a fitness experts who train members towards a culminating event such as a 10k, triathlon or half century cycling event. Our leaders include moms, personal trainers, coaches, teachers, physical therapists, group fitness, yoga & pilates instructors, and just about anyone who is interested in and passionate about motherhood and fitness. Our team leaders earn additional income by charging a team program fee. Most leaders provide 3-4 teams per year creating a supportive community where busy moms can get fit, meet new friends, give back all in one organization. We support our team leaders with our national website, custom team website we create for you and your members, insurance, business center, year round support and much more!

We believe a fit mom equals a fit family and a fit world. If you are interested in motherhood and fitness and want to add a unique angle to your business, visit and click on the header “Start a Team” to learn more. Join our movement, become a Moms In Motion Team Leader today.